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A great insult to Hindu traditions – Viral Video – Zee TV Telugu

  • Today’s TV serials are trampling Hindu traditions


Hyderabad: Disrespecting Hindu traditions, some television serials are derogatorily portraying them. The lord of such portrayals, not paying heed to the sentiments of the viewers, is none other than the Zee Telugu channel. They are portraying scenes in serials aired on the Zee Telugu channel. In the scene of taking Harti in the serial “Akashamalle Zabili kosam” aired on Zee Telugu channel, the scene of taking Harti while wearing sandals, shoes, was filmed. What message is being given to the people through this scene? .. Does it mean that from tomorrow everyone should wear sandals and take aarti? Or follow traditions? How many people are working for a serial in the channel ? What is the channel EP doing? Producer, director, co-director, associate director, editor, sound engineer, dubbing .. Can’t this scene move the eyes of these ? All the Hindus are furious over this scene.


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