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Sign this Petition to Support the Soldier – Please and again Please

Dear Friends,
I just signed the petition “President of India: Police Atrocity against Indian Army Soldier – Contact Indian President” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. 
Our goal is to reach 100000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: (Click on the Link )

It has come to my notice through social media about the Kurnool police brutality against an Indian Army Soldier in his native place in Devanakonda Mandalam Post, Kurnool Dist., Andhra Pradesh while he was going to purchase medicines for his sick mother. This is regarding M. Lakshmanna,  an Indian Army Soldier from 1RR battalion, Highground, Ananthanag dist, Jammu Kashmir who was brutally beaten by the Andhra Pradesh State Police on April 16th at around 7 PM in Devanakonda Mandalam Post, Kurnool Dist., Andhra Pradesh. A falsified FIR was filed against him by sub-inspector E. Maruthi, who brutally beat the army soldier severely injuring him till he lost his consciences along with constables Ashok, D. Raju and CPO Manjunath. Also, they completely damaged his cell phone and SIM card to wipe away any pieces of evidence in videos or voice recordings. He went to the Kurnool General Hospital and got checked by the doctors and got an MLC medico-legal case certificate. The Circle Inspector of police – Pattikonda, Mr. Krishnaiah is avoiding to take a complaint against the accused policemen. The Superintendent of Police Mr. Sri K.Fakirappa I.P.S ignored the fact that his policemen unlawfully manhandled and severely injured an Indian Army Soldier and took the matter very casually and placed the Sub Inspector involved in Vacancy Reserve (VR) and did not take any action against the constables and CPO.
While Some Police Brutality is not new to civilians in Indian society, Unlawful Police Brutality against an Indian Army Soldier is a matter of disrespect to the nation. This matter caught the International community’s attention which includes several human rights organizations, foreign nationals and non-resident Indians (NRIs). Also, this is a matter of India’s prestige and the Indian army’s pride and as a matter of fact, all Indian citizens’ dignity and respect and this also shows how the average citizens are treated in India. This matter impacted the morale of the young aspirants who are preparing to join the Indian Army. Finally, the students in both the Telugu speaking states, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are questioning themselves if they want to join the Indian Army as they have seen the negligence of the authorities in the case of this soldier and also how he was treated by the police.
We want to write to the president of India to see that strict action is taken on the above mentioned policemen. Please respond. Please sign the petition. Your support is most needed to the soldier.

Thank you,



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