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Hyderabad drugs case: Key mastermind held in Goa

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad cops on Saturday arrested Edwin Nunes, the kingpin in Goa drugs case and will bring him to Hyderabad by today evening.

Edwin is the main accused in the international gang that supplies drugs in the country from Goa as headquarters. Police have been searching for him in Goa for the past 15 days. Edwin is the owner of Goa Curlies restaurant and also to a pub.

It is already known that Hyderabad Narcotics wing police have arrested Narayana Borkar three months ago regarding the same case. Borkar used to supply drugs from Goa in Hyderabad. He has been doing drug business in both the Telugu States for several years with Anjuna Beach, Goa as headquarters. He has about 600 customers.

It came to know that Steven and Edwin Nunes, who supply drugs to Narayana Borkar, were involved in the murder of BJP leader and TikTok star Sonali Phogat.


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