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TDP Leaders Meet Governor … Stone Pelting on Chandrababu Convoy

Leaders of the TDP have complained to the Governor about the stone pelting incident at Nandigama where party chief Chandrababu Naidu was targeted.. They brought it to the Governor’s attention, claiming that the Police Station did not take the C.S.O.’s complaint regarding his injury seriously. They informed the Governor that one of their party leaders was charged with attempted murder after damaging the minister’s car in Visakhapatnam. They also mentioned the unfair treatment of the opposition parties by the police.

Varla Ramaiah, the leader of Telugu Desam, claimed before the media that the police are defending the accused and that bogus sections have been imposed on the party’s leaders. He claimed that the Governor had assured that the proper steps would be made in this regard.

TDP leader Bonda Uma has harshly criticised the police’s handling of the incident in which stones were thrown at former CM Chandrababu.

According to Bonda Uma, “AP administration has been exploiting the Police.”


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