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AP – Piduguralla: Venkatrama Bar and Restaurant Caught Selling Expired Beer.. !

AP- Palnadu Dist, Piduguralla: Beer Lovers Alert:  Liquor traders are attempting to capitalize on the summer season's profitability. There is a growing interest in consuming seasonal beers. With this demand in consideration, a bar & restaurant in Palnadu district has been selling expired beers to customers. Beer should ideally be consumed within six months from the date of manufacture. Consumption after this period poses a risk of illness.

However, liquor enthusiasts are outraged that beer expired in March (its expiry date: 11-09-2023 - 09-03-2024) is being sold on April 4th at Venkatrama Bar and Restaurant in Piduguralla town, Palnadu district. Liquor traders are attempting to capitalize on the profitability of the summer season. More people are interested in drinking seasonal beers. With that demand in mind, expired beers were sold to customers, some of which were consumed at Venkatrama Bar and Restaurant. After consuming the beer, they were surprised to discover the expiry date. Who is responsible for any consequences resulting from the consumption of these expired beers? Drug lords allege that the responsible authorities are neglecting inspection duties. Strong allegations suggest that this illegal activity is occurring with the complicity of local SEB and Excise officials. 

A person who drinks expired beer also falls ill. It appears that he was bedridden with throat problems and a high fever. Allegations suggest that the restaurant did not take appropriate action, as the local SEB CI and Excise officials were allegedly paying them large sums. The victims are urging higher authorities to respond and take appropriate action, including against the SEB and Excise officials.


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